Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission



    This is the project letter of & for partners of the Diabetes Literacy project. Please note that the letter is not intended as a sole channel of communication. Goal is to reduce the number of e-mails in the coming months. The focus is on messages relevant for the whole Consortium. The letter will be e-mailed fortnightly unless developments call for a weekly. To be able to follow all links, please log in on the partner area of diabetesliteracy.eu.  

    Partner area website

    Project documents can be found at the partner area of diabetesliteracy.eu (far right main menu). Lost your login name? Ask Gerard. Forgot your password? <Request new password> on the login page. Documents can be selected by choosing a characteristic, tag or work package, or a combination of them. A pdf will be shown online on your screen. Other formats such as presentations will be first downloaded to your computer. More in this help onepager

    M35 Brussels meeting

    We have discussed core outcomes at this stage of analysis and discussed main messages. The main messages will be discussed in the policy dialogues and will structure further disseminantion activities. The first draft of the main messages document is available. We request your feedback. 

    DL priorities for the next two weeks

    1. Give feedback on the document on main messages;
    2. Finalize the initial analysis, describe core results and, if appropriate, suggest changes or additions to the main messages of the project;
    3. WP4, WP6 and WP7 communicate with WP5 requesting patient data to integrate with their provider data;
    4. Send your invitation list for person/organizations that should be invited for the Diabetes Literacy Conference on November 17;
    5. Sign the Declaration of data protection and privacy and send it to project management.

    Data management plan  

    The Data Management Plan has been finalized. The plan offers a template to document datasets that are shared between partners. Furthermore the plan offers guidelines for data archiving during and after the project. To comply with ethical procedures, every principal investigator is requested to sign on behalf of his/her team the Declaration of data protection and privacy.   

    Presentations Brussels meeting  

    These presentations are online available: WP3 Peter Schwarz  - WP5 Jürgen Pelikan - WP6 Kristine Sorensen - WP7 Louise Schinckus - WP8 Ingrid Muller

    Documents Brussels meeting

    These documents are online available: WP3. Main outcomes (revised). WP3. Compendium 15092015  WP4. Draft report comparative cost effectiveness. WP4. MAQS results. WP4 Working paper understanding T2D costs WP4. Preliminary findings care pathways. WP5. Report on the relative effectiveness. Progress of the Study. WP5 Analysis documentation WP9. Communication concept. 

    Diabetes Literacy Conference

    In the MCE Conference Centre in Brussels on November 17, 2015 from 09.00-12.30 we organize the conference "Strengthening Diabetes Self-Management for All in Europe" presenting the outcomes and main messages of the Diabetes Literacy project. All Consortium members are invited.  Participation in the event is budgeted in every partner's budget. Registration is integrated in the registration of the 3rd European Health Literacy Conference. Please register online. In the online registration procedure you will be asked for which events you want to registrate. Choose our event, and if applicable other events such as the main health literacy conference.   

    Member list

    There are a few changes. We welcome Sandra Peer of LBG, and Kate Cullen of UCD to the Consortium. There names and e-mail address have been added to the updated member list.