Diabetes Literacy

Seventh Framework Programme European Commission

Work Package 4: Cost Analysis



    To document the existing practices for costing diabetes care in each participating country

    To propose a comparable best practice costing model for diabetes care at national level

    To apply the model in a cost analysis of the existing national diabetes strategies.


    Although education on self-management and lifestyle modification for people with diabetes has been shown to have positive outcomes, the cost-effectiveness of these interventions has not been sufficiently substantiated. There is a lack of individual patient cost information at provider level. Evidence suggests that bottom up costing methods, in particular activity based costing (ABC) methods produce high quality data which leads to better decision making. This work package builds upon the data on national diabetes strategies and education programs in the EU Member States to provide patient cost information at national level. While the study will be carried out in a relatively small number of mainly Western European countries, the comparative analysis of the cost-effectiveness of self-management education programmes will concern all 27 EU Member States. 

    Main Partner

    The School of Business of the National University of Ireland (UCD) in Dublin is leading WP4 with economic expertise of Gerardine Doyle PhD as WP Lead and Principal Investigator, supported by Sarah Gibney PhD and  Shane O'Donnell PhD as researchers.